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Find all Green Butterfly information now all on one page. We have completed our website integration, and you can now access all Green Butterfly information via this webste At Green Butterfly Ghana, we believe in making a positive impact on society, with many positive achievements over the past 14 years. Through our nonprofit organization, we strive to address pressing issues in our local communities. Our flagship projects include the Green Butterfly Market, Mother Earth Festival, and the Jamestown Soap making cooperative under our skills training and capacity building agenda.

Green Butterfly aims to make a difference in the lives of those in need, with special focus on aid to artisans. Our most successful initiative – the Green Butterfly Market is supporting many local Ghanaian (and African) artisans. On our new and improved website, we offer a wholistic view of the Green Butterfly brand, while providing useful resources like the Green Butterfly Artisan Directory, year-round event information, and information about our skills training and capacity building programs, all on one site.

Join us on this incredible journey by staying updated with our blog. Through regular updates, we aim to keep you informed about our projects, successes, and ways in which you can make a difference. Together, let’s create a ripple effect that transforms communities and brings hope to those who need it the most.

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Addressing Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana.

Green Butterfly aims to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1, 5, 8, and 13.

  2. GENDER EQUALITY (SDG 5) – Achieve gender equality by empowering more women and girls.
  3. DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH (SDG 8) – Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.
  4. CLIMATE ACTION (SDG 13) – Take urgent action to combatclimate change and its impacts.

The Green Butterrly Market has provided a stable income and economic opportunities for many small businesses in Ghana and cpntinues to do so. With more than 70% of our beneficiaries being women, we are proud to be a source of economic empowerment and a leading sales and networking platform for artisans in Ghana.

We have lots of exciting news coming up regarding opportunities for small businesses participating in the Green Butterfly Market. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to keep updated!

Co-designing a pact to phase out single use plastics in Ghana.

On the 20th of June, 2024, major retail outlets came together to participate in drafting a voluntary pact to reduce 70% of supermarket single use plastics used in Ghana by the year 2030.

A workshop was held at the Alliance Francaise Ghana, attended by major retail outlets like Melcom, Marina Supermarket, Max Mart and All Needs supermarket. The workshop was facilitated by Plastic Punch and GIZ in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation and the Environmental protection agency – “Co-designing a voluntary pact to phase down single use plastics in Ghana”.

The pact brings together major stakeholders in the retail sector to take collective action in the fight against single use plastics. All the supermarkets involved will soon be signing a pact to charge a fee for every plastic bag they give at their tills.

Green Butterfly was invited not just as a stakeholder but also as a case study and pioneering success story as single use plastics have been banned in the Green Butterfly Market since the year 2011. Notwithstanding the challenges, the Green Butterfly market has converted over 150 small businesses to use alternatives to single use plastics.

Director of Green Butterfly – Yasmeen Helwani presented valuable information based on Green Butterfly’s reduced plastics policy. “We look forward to presenting our vendors with multiple sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics. Already in the Green Butterfly Market our clients use paper bags, re-usable cloth bags, raffia bags, and baskets for their shopping. It’s high time all major retail outlets take measures to adopt a more responsible approach twards the use of single use plastics.”

Many thanks to Plastic Punch and GIZ! The prospect of seeing collective action by all supermarkets – where all supermarkets agree to charge buyers for plastic bags, is truly exciting. We look forward to bringing you more exciting news on this topic in the near future!

Green Butterfly – A pillar for our local economy.

THe Green Butterfly Market has come a long way in it’s 14 years of operation – supporting small scale local businesses in Ghana with a special focus on artisans who are making their own products locally. The project began in February 2010 and has now became the main source of income for many micro businesses in the artisanal economy.

To improve the quality of service delivery in our market, we are embarking on capacity building programs and workshops for our artisans to strengthen their reach and connections to the global marketplace. Areas of focus for our workshops will include basic business training sessions, skill development programs, strategic planning, time management, and client service training. These valuable tools will empower our artisans further by boosting their confidence and strengthening their business integrity.

Join hands with us In our mission to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 8 which are: No poverty, and Decent work and economic growth – promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

With your support we will be able to assist many talented artisans to reach for higher heights. Partner with us! Support this project in kind by offering your services, or support us with a donation . Donations towards this project will cover venue hire, resource personnel, and educational resource materials. We are grateful to business professionals who are willing to support us with their services.

Waste Segregation at Green Butterfly

Our everyday choices have a huge impact on the environment. In collaboration with PLANET WAVES, we at Green Butterfly have embarked on a waste separation project at every Green Butterfly Market. Phase one of our project saw us separating PLASTIC BOTTLES from other waste. After 3 markets and after successfully diverting 13.5kg of plastic bottles from the landfill, we have moved into phase two – to start separating compost as well. Hurray!

Visitors and vendors may have noticed that we have started placing marked bins at vantage points in the Green Butterfly Market, to separate plastic bottles from other mixed waste. Phase one of our program aims to divert plastic bottles from the landfill. All the plastic bottles we collect are sent to a recycling station. So far here are the numbers (by weight) of plastc bottles we have diverted from the landfill:

4th May 7kg

18th May 6kg

1st June 7kg

which makes a total so far of 20kg of plastic bottles rescued so far from the landfill.

A big thank you to Planet Waves for making sure all our rescued plastic bottles are sent to the recycling station.

At the 1st June market we also set up a composting station at the Department of Parks and Gardens and encouraged all our food vendors to gather their organic waste separately. At the end of the market, all the organic waste was sent to our newly built composting station.

Soap making news

Green Butterfly: Driving Community Engagement through skills training.

At Green Butterfly Ghana, we believe that community engagement is essential for sustainable development. Through our engagement efforts, we aim to empower communities to become agents of change. We provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and resources to address their own challenges and create sustainable solutions. By building local capacity and fostering ownership, we contribute to long-term, transformative impact.

Last week Madame Yaz Meen began training women in Mayera (Ga East) in the art of soapmaking, as part of her Ga Dangme women empowerment program – the Jamestown Soapmaking Cooperative. This new addition to our soap making cooperative promises to increase production capacity, and to provide an income for more women under our soap making program.

Support our women by purchasing our traditional handmade soaps.

MOTHER EARTH FESTIVAL: The Power of Collaboration in Driving Positive Change


The Mother Earth Festival was held at the Aburi Botanical Gardens on Saturday 27th April and Sunday 28th April 2024 under the earth day theme “PLANET VERSUS PLASTICS”. This year, the festival spun into a new level of success as we welcomed like-minded partners like PLANET WAVES, PLASTIC PUNCH, NETCYCLE, and BEATRICE BEE ARTHUR to strengthen the foundation and the creative power of the event.

In partnership with Planet Waves, we built composting stations in the Aburi Botanical Gardens, and worked all weekend educating the public about waste segregation -that is, separating plastics from cans, and organic materials when throwing away our trash. Planet Waves also sensitized festival attendees about choosing reusable cloth bags over single-use plastics.

Plastic Punch presented their new invention “Nsuo Pa” – a water purifying machine AND water dispenser, that works with the swap of an e-card. The machine purifies the water and then dispenses the water into a reusable bottle, eliminating the need for any single-use plastics.

“Plastic Present, Fluorescent Future” – Is the title given by Beatrice Bee Arthur to her Art installation, which drew in passers-by, inspiring them to think about theo cean and marine pollution. Discarded fishing nets used in the exhibition were provided by NetCycle , along with water dispensers provided to attendees who brought their reusable cups and bottles. Bee Arthur also styled the stage set and the outfit worn by Yasmeen Helwani a.k.a Madame Yaz Meen during her performance on Saturday night.

The Power of Collaboration: Driving Positive Change

Collaboration allows us to tap into new perspectives and ideas, leading to innovative solutions that can have a lasting impact. By bringing together individuals, businesses, and other nonprofits, we can create a network of support that amplifies our efforts. Through collaboration, we can pool our resources to tackle larger projects and initiatives. By sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences, we can maximize our impact and achieve greater outcomes than we could alone. There was a true sense of unity and shared purpose among stakeholders at the Mother Earth Festival. By working together towards a common goal, we can build stronger, earth-friendly communities.